Hi there,

under http://freenetproject.org/content.html there is a link to Frost:
http://freenetproject.org/frost.html which holds the same content as
http://freenetproject.org/index.html and not a specific site about frost.

Do you want that to be this way?

Secondly there is no documentation how to uninstall freenet.

I'm using Linux and used the GUI installer and it seems that the
installer created a link to start freenet on login. I can't find that
link, the FAQ and Documentation says nothing about uninstalling freenet
and the README which get's installed holds 13 lines...

I have to admit that I denied the install to create links in my menu.

I found the Uninstallation folder but I think this is worth a small
sentence in the docs.

Another thing is that the izPack installer does not terminate after
uninstallation. You have to trigger "Quit".

Thanks for your work!


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