On Sunday 29 November 2009 03:58:22 Herman Wicks wrote:
> ERROR msg..... Freenet Starter unable to control the Freenet system service
>                          Reason: Service did not respond to signal
> I have tried reinstalling /NO GO        YOUR ADVICE? Looking forward to 
> having it functioning
> Many Thanks

Sorry. This is a well known problem which is hard to fix for various reasons - 
mostly because when we try to reproduce the problem on a developer's computer 
it goes away. It may have been fixed by now, we changed the installer's java 
autodetection slightly recently. Could you possibly uninstall and try again? 
Thanks. If it works please tell us; if it doesn't work, please tell us, and we 
may want to ask a few questions and maybe send you a new installer to test. 
I've CC'ed our Windows expert. Thanks!

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