On Sat, 17 Nov 2012 14:14:21 +0100, jordi wrote:
> Hi, some time ago, my freenet node does not work fine. I hoped the
> last update solved this but now it's worst. Some times I have more
> than 30 strangers connected but suddently the node disconnects from
> them. I see lots of erros in the logs. I send some information, but
> please tell me which files do you need to help.

For a start, you can check your wrapper.log file -- perhaps output a
thread dump when you think it's broken (via the web/fproxy interface, in
the Statistics section, "Generate a Thread Dump") -- the output will
also get dumped into wrapper.log. If none of that is informative, you
can enable more detailed logging in the Logs section. Be careful to
scrub any logs[1] of sensitive information before sending them.

[1] Why can't they be scrubbed by default again? Like, I think, how Tor
does it?
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