Hi All,

Does anyone have a bartPE plugin available for Freenet V0.7?

If no-one has done this I'm thinking of having a go. It would be really
useful though if I could get the following information from somewhere
(maybe this is already published somewhere, apologies if it is):

1) A list of all files and where they should be put
2) A list of registry entries to be made
3) What services need to be registered and run
4) Where temporary files Freenet creates should be put

I'm thinking of using a machine with 2G of RAM and implement a 1G
ramdisk, the bartPE itself will be on a read only bootable USB stick.

Does anyone have a feel for how difficult this might be, or any gotchas
I need to look out for?

If I manage to get it going I'll make it available to the Freenet community.

As an aside, I really think Freenet should create and publish their own
official bartPE plugin, this would allow liveCDs and liveUSBs to be
easily created that are guaranteed not to leave any footprint whatsoever
on a host PC, especially useful for those living in oppressive regimes
who want to leave no trace of a Freenet being run.


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