On 08/31/2010 11:36 PM, Dennis Nezic wrote:
> Yea, data persistence isn't that great at the moment. But you "hosting"
> all the data just isn't how Freenet works. (Someone correct me if I'm
> wrong.) Each node is intended to specialize around a tight keyspace --
> I believe this is intrinsic to the routing algorithms. I'm not sure how
> your "location" (every node has one, which is directly related to the
> keys you're supposed to specialize in) would be handled if you hacked
> the code to promiscuously handle any key. My guess is it would make the
> topology of the network less efficient.

if this is true it is totally not what i expected.  very interesting!

>> so, ahh, what does the persistence column exactly mean in freenet?
> Good question :b.

i grepped through the source but i couldn't figure it out.  looks like a
question for toad.

1.  it seems i need to verify whether or not persistence = forever is
keeping a local copy.  sounds like it might not be.

2.  if there is some tight key space voodoo going on then maybe whip up
a script to check periodically if file foo is available and if not reinsert.

am i thinking about this correctly?  many thanks for suggestions!

- eric c

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