On 09/07/2010 08:33 PM, Uriel Carrasquilla wrote:
> I don't have root access to my machine.
> I installed Sun Java 1.6 in my own user directory.
> I created a java a soft link in $HOME/bin.
> But I cannot put $HOME/bin ahead of the other libraries in $PATH.
> How can I force freenet to use the java version in $HOME/bin?
> Or if this is not the right approach, what would suggest?

at terminal can you export JAVA_HOME and then type env and see what it says?

alternatively can you specify which java version to use when starting
freenet?  off the top of my head i can't remember how to do this at
terminal.  i have two versions of java installed and gnome let's me
select which version to use when i right click on the jar.

hope that helps,
eric c

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