Freenet 0.7.5 build 1285 is out. It will be mandatory on Tuesday. Please 

Changes in 1284:
- Message queue: Major refactoring, simplification, improvement to fairness 
between UIDs (e.g. between different block transfers, to try to avoid timeouts).
- Make the connection setup cache even bigger, to allow more simultaneous 
connection attempts, especially on seednodes.
- A minor change to the cooldown queue relating to single blocks (not 
- Set the default in-memory temp buckets limit to 10% of memory above 64MB, and 
default max size of a single bucket to 5% of this or 32KB whichever is larger. 
This should speed up fproxy a little and reduce disk access.
- Finally remove missingPacketNotification completely (see the release notes 
for 1281).
- When a block transfer is cancelled, cancel all the queued messages for it 
that haven't been sent yet.
- Always acknowledge sendAborted's in BlockTransmitter, but only send 
sendAborted once. (This will be useful later on in load management, where we 
need to know accurately how many of our requests are running on the remote 
- One link-level congestion control PacketThrottle per peer, not per IP 
address. Alternating between them for different IP's was causing chaos on 
multi-homed (e.g. LAN) nodes (e.g. in testing). Simplify the code and remove 
unnecessary checks.
- Fix load management based on the amount of the queued data for a node, tweak 
the thresholds and show it on the connections page.
- Update bookmarks, and add AFKindex.
- Update the Library search plugin.
- Translation updates for French and German, and some minor changes to text 
strings in English.
- Don't allow access to the noderef in gateway mode.
- Logging, move code around, tidy up, comments, delete unused code, etc.

Changes in 1285:
- Major bugfixes and optimisations related to the message queueing changes in 

Thanks! And please report any bugs you find!

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