Freenet 0.7.5 build 1282 is now available, please upgrade, as it will be 
mandatory on Tuesday, due to the block level changes. 

Changes in 1281:
- Remove block transfer level retransmissions. We have message level 
retransmits, so having block level retransmits as well results in bad things - 
timing out, resending at both levels, using loads of bandwidth, probably 
becoming a self-perpetuating cycle of bad performance. This bug was introduced 
*way* back, and the fix simplifies the code and will make some interesting 
optimisations easier.
- Fix an IllegalStateException caused by unlocking a RequestHandler twice. That 
was introduced around 1280.
- Add the last-child CSS3 selector.
- Update bookmark editions.
- German translation updates.
- Improve some English strings too.
- Split up the routingMissDistance statistic into local/remote/overall.
- Add a config option to not warn about not using the wrapper.
- Only check for too old never connected peers on darknet.
- Logging improvements.

Changes in 1282-1283:
- Increase the number of parallel connection setups that the node can handle, 
especially for seednodes. It was too low and this was causing problems.
- Prevent seednodes from connecting to themselves. This was also causing 
problems for seednodes.



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