Freenet 0.7.5 build 1287 is now available. Please upgrade. Due to a bug causing 
database corruption, this may cause some of your downloads and uploads to be 
cancelled. It is likely that they were stalled, not making any progress, before 
this point, so just restart them.

Build 1285 introduced some changes to fairness between different block 
transfers. Unfortunately this increased CPU usage quite significantly. Build 
1286 has a partial fix for this. Build 1287 has a much more thorough fix, and 
uses significantly less CPU.

Changes in 1287 include:
- Workaround a database corruption bug and try to prevent, and track down, its 
original cause. Affected downloads/uploads will be cancelled, sorry.
- Further major changes to message queueing and the packet sender thread, 
significantly reducing CPU usage, ensuring fairness between different requests, 
separating the ticker (job scheduler) from the packet sender thread.
- Fix a NullPointerException when removing a persistence=reboot request.
- Many minor optimisations and code cleanups, in temp files, logging and other 

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