Freenet 0.7.5 build 1291 is now available, please upgrade.

"The recent client layer bug" is some sort of database corruption bug in 1286 
or thereabouts, or maybe even earlier, which caused NullPointerException's and 
requests to stall. 1287 detects this and cancels the requests, and also makes 
sure it doesn't happen again. But it doesn't tell the user. Sorry for the 
confusion, I should have added an alert in in the first place.

Changes in 1288:
- Fix a major memory leak in the new message queueing code, and add some 
measures to limit the size of the old ID's cache by reducing the maximum age 
and periodically deleting ID's for completed requests.
- Detect the recent client layer bug when changing priority.
- Fix a major datastore bug (both stats and bloom filter), and force rebuild 
for the bloom filters. This was causing both >100% usage on the stats page and 
an over-full bloom filter resulting in too much disk access.
- Multiple selection on the downloads/uploads pages. Ugly at the moment, help 
would be appreciated!

Changes in 1289:
- More work on recovering from the recent client layer bug which we work around 
by cancelling downloads. Tell the user what is going on, and make sure 
restarting works.

Changes in 1290:
- Some more fixes to restarting downloads.

Changes in 1291:
- Fix a stupid bug in 1289, telling the user would have broken fproxy in some 

Apologies for the lack of rigorous testing recently. There hasn't really been 
anything to fall back to, most of the builds have been broken one way or 
another so waiting a week for testing has not been feasible. There are a few 
more core features that need merging in the near future, but these will be 
tested before releasing (but they will eventually be mandatory). 

Near future:
- Threadless block transfer. Send side has been fairly thoroughly tested 
already, receive side needs more testing. This will help on fast nodes with low 
thread limits, and is necessary for the bulk flag.
- Fairness between peers in accepting requests. This is necessary for new load 
management and greatly improves Freenet's resistance to simple denial of 
service attacks, and should also help nodes with low bandwidth limits to not be 
crowded out by everyone else.
- Bulk flag. This should enable significant performance improvements.
- Load management hints. This is the last stage before full new load management 
is possible, although it will take some time to get that working.

One other core feature which is essential before 0.8 is to sort out node.db4o 
encryption and implement auto-backups (and probably some caching too). After 
that hopefully it's all bugfixing and merging. Obviously there is work to be 
done on the Windows installer and Freetalk, but there are also a bazillion bugs 
to fix in Freenet itself. It's probably worth doing some work optimising the 
search plugin too.


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