You can run "" in your Freeenet directory via Terminal. The easiest 
way to do this is (1) find the file in Finder and (2) drag and drop it into a 
Terminal window and push enter.

On Oct 5, 2010, at 6:48 AM, Running Bard wrote:

> Hello:
> I installed the Freenet software last night on my Mac (OSX Snow Leopard) and 
> continue to get the following even though I have automatic updating checked:
> "This node's software is older than the oldest version (Build #1283) allowed 
> by the newest peers we try to connect to. Please update your node as soon as 
> possible as you will not be able to connect to peers labeled "TOO NEW" until 
> you do. (Freenet may leave your node in the dust of the past if you don't 
> upgrade.)"
> I'm unable to update manually.  How would I do that?  Run the script under 
> "Terminal"?  Or?
> Help!!
> Thanks!

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