On 05/08/2010 21:31, PJB wrote:
> Hello Freenet Support,
> Trying to run Freenet. Get message: "Freenet starter was unable to control 
> the Freenet system 
> service. Reason: Service did not respond to signal."
> Freenet had been running well enough, though I must say it is awfully complex 
> and difficult to 
> figure out.
> Anyway, I uninstalled and reinstalled Freenet. Same results. Won't run.
> Is there a solution?

To all those who are getting this problem:

I found a solution to at least get Freenet running. The problem seems to
be with the wrapper (i.e. wrapper-windows-x86-32.exe command in the
Freenet\bin installation directory). The wrapper controls the
installing, removing and start and stopping the Freenet service. It
seems this, on some systems, does not install the service properly. My
solution involves running the service as a console application using the
-c switch.

Method: Open a command box. CD to your Freenet\bin installation
directory, and type the following command:

wrapper-windows-x86-32.exe -c "..\wrapper.conf"

The command box will then show you a whole shed load of info messages as
the Freenet service runs (this can actually be quite useful to see what
is going on). Note that the tray icon now doesn't do anything as that
was controlling a proper service, we're now running it as a console
application and the command box remains open while it is running.

To stop the service, select the command box and type CTRL-C, this should
cleanly shut the service down.

I don't know the implications of permissions but this certainly works
when logged in with admin privileges.

If you want to create a batch file to do this use the CD command to
change directory to the Freenet\bin installation directory and put the
following 3 lines in your batch file. You can then either place this
batch file in your startup directory or start it manually:

REM start freenet service as console application
cd "C:\Program Files\Freenet\bin"
wrapper-windows-x86-32.exe -c "..\wrapper.conf"


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