Do we have any way to see what OS's are accessing the download page?
On Oct 28, 2010 10:51 AM, "Matthew Toseland" <>
> We are considering moving to Java 6. This would make our code slightly
cleaner, allow us to use a few minor new features, and simplify the build
process. We need to know whether this is a big problem. As I understand it
the following groups are likely to have Java 5 not 6:
> - PPC-based mac's.
> - OS/X 10.4 mac's.
> - OS/X 10.5 mac's on 32-bit x86.
> - People on Windows who haven't upgraded their Java to 6. I'm not sure
whether Sun does this automatically, I believe there is some sort of an
> Anyone still running Java 1.5, whether or not you can easily upgrade
(please specify), please respond to this thread, publicly or privately.
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