Hi !
Is it a problem when pInstantReject is at 9,6%
and the Rejection Reasons look like these:

 Preemptive Rejection Reasons
 417    >MAX_PING_TIME
 370    Output bandwidth liability: fairness between peers

 Local Preemptive Rejection Reasons
 130    Output bandwidth liability: fairness between peers
 55     >MAX_PING_TIME

Im not sure, but the pInstantReject value is probably far too high (9,6%)
and the first Reject Reason (SUB_MAX_PING_TIME) is also not typical.

My Bandwidth is set to:
Input = 800 KiB/s
Output= 80.0 KiB/s

Freenet 0.7.5 Build #1356 build01356
Freenet-ext Build #26 r23771

any ideas?
thank you 

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