Hi there,

unfortunately, I have no clue what freenet can be used for specifically,
and I am not skilled enough to understand technical descriptions in
English - a dictionary also does not help me, as is does not explain terms
but translate them merely to others (mainly in Latin or in English again)
if at all.

What do I want?

Get access to geo-blocked content of the online tv mediatheques of public
broadcasters in - myself being an Austrian - Germany and Switzerland
(there, thea are offering mainly news and documentations plus some
cultural programs), for free.

Is that something freenet can help me with at all? For Germany, I
succesfully tried Cyberghost, but unfortunately it offers not one single
free server in Switzerland (like in Austria). Is this a sort of access I
could get via freenet, or is it instead a tool for protected chatting and
only the direct exchange of files between users who, connecting
specifically for these purposes, are having online appointments, or
something? I have not the least idea.

So, can freenet do what I am looking for? And how?

Or what else is it?

Looking forward to your clarifying reply,

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