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> Hi there,
> unfortunately, I have no clue what freenet can be used for specifically, and
> I am not skilled enough to understand technical descriptions in English - a
> dictionary also does not help me, as is does not explain terms but translate
> them merely to others (mainly in Latin or in English again) if at all.

Think of Freenet as a distributed file storage. You can connect, store
some files, and retrieve them later on. If you share the location* of
the files with others, others can retrieve those files as well, even
if you are no longer connected: everyone on the network stores small,
encrypted parts of files, so as long as a certain part of the network
stays connected, files will stay retrievable*. Best part of Freenet is
that file storage and retrieval happens anonymously: nobody can see
which files you are storing or retrieving*.

> What do I want?
> Get access to geo-blocked content of the online tv mediatheques of public
> broadcasters in - myself being an Austrian - Germany and Switzerland (there,
> thea are offering mainly news and documentations plus some cultural
> programs), for free.
> Is that something freenet can help me with at all? For Germany, I
> succesfully tried Cyberghost, but unfortunately it offers not one single
> free server in Switzerland (like in Austria). Is this a sort of access I
> could get via freenet, or is it instead a tool for protected chatting and
> only the direct exchange of files between users who, connecting specifically
> for these purposes, are having online appointments, or something? I have not
> the least idea.
> So, can freenet do what I am looking for? And how?

Given Freenet is a distributed store of data, it only supports
retrieval of data that is stored in Freenet. On top of Freenet,
applications for forum conversation and social chatting have been
developed. Freenet however cannot connect you to the open internet as
TOR and several other alternatives can.

So in short: no, Freenet cannot do what you are looking for. What you
are looking for is a proxy, in one way or another, that tricks the
other party into believing that you are a German or Swiss resident (in
other words, the proxy server will likely have to be physically
location in Germany or Switzerland respectively). Be reminded however
that such services are usually restricted to national access for
licensing reasons, and using the services from other territories will
usually break their Terms of Service and might even be considered
illegal downloading.

— Bert

* These statements are over-simplified. There are some catches to
this, but explaining them here would likely not help your
understanding of what Freenet does.
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