Whether "a little extra latency" matters depends on how much this extra
latency really is. Considering a request in Freenet may require >10
nodes to be traversed, latency adds up quickly, reducing already low
network capacity for everyone.
I don't expect much impact from a tiny extra bit of latency, e.g. if you
live in Paris and your VPN provider were located in Amsterdam. Paris ->
Singapore however would probably a bad idea and is definitely not
something I would recommend for Freenet.

A properly configured VPN connection transparently connects your
computer to the public internet through an ISP that does not actually
provide a cable into your home. That's all to it.
In general, Freenet should work both functionally and securely over such
a connection. The only downsides would be the (already mentioned)
additional delay, as well as introducing yet another party that is able
to monitor your internet traffic under a jurisdiction that does not
necessarily have to be equal to yours.

Here, "properly configured" means that at least the following criteria
will have to be fulfilled (I may be missing some though):
- Your machine should ideally be able to reliably determine its external IP
- Your external IP should be relatively stable
- Incoming UDP packets on the relevant ports must not be blocked, i.e.
ports must be forwarded wherever necessary
- Your average ping stays well below ~700 ms (but lower is definitely

In case your VPN connection comes with a dedicated IP, all security
caveats for computers connecting to the internet directly (i.e. not
behind a NAT router) may of course apply.

-- Bert

On 27-03-15 15:45, Eric Chadbourne wrote:
> It should be fine to use a vpn, though I have not tried it.  I wonder what 
> the downsides would be?  A little extra latency shouldn’t matter.  If you 
> leave it on all the time maybe bandwidth costs?
> —
> Eric Chadbourne
> http://Nonprofit-CRM.org/
>> On Mar 27, 2015, at 6:49 AM, John Verney <johnver...@outlook.com> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Simple question -
>> Is it safe and secure to run freenet through a VPN? I use one of the major 
>> VPN services. 
>> Thanks

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