Hello Freenet,

I am Srikanta Pradhan, doing PhD at Indian Institute of Technology Patna
[An university at India] on security analysis of decentralized P2P system.
I am studying the freenet and its behavior. I have used the simulator in
our research lab for this purpose. As we are not allowed to use any P2P
software/website in our university.

Yesterday I came to know from the IRC chat #freenet that a testbed can be
possible. We have several machines here, where I want to install FREENET
for research purpose and verify their behavior in different conditions as
simulated. I need to create a live FREENET netwrok, a private one [not
connected to any other netwrok/internet] and modify them and observe their

But I have not found any materials and also the source code of FREENET.
Can you kindly help me here to create a testbed i.e. to get the source
code of it, the materials for installing as privately, how to make changes
at different layers of it.

This will be a very great for me.

With Regards

Srikanta Pradhan
Research Scholar
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Patna,India. [www.iitp.ac.in]
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