CCing to the development mailing list as scientific work deserves to be there.
Perhaps sign up for that list as well to ensure you get all mails, and 
afterwards check the web archive for any you might have missed.

On Saturday, January 07, 2017 10:07:44 AM Srikanta Pradhan wrote:
> Hello Freenet,
> I am Srikanta Pradhan, doing PhD at Indian Institute of Technology Patna
> [An university at India] on security analysis of decentralized P2P system.
> I am studying the freenet and its behavior. I have used the simulator in
> our research lab for this purpose. As we are not allowed to use any P2P
> software/website in our university.
> Yesterday I came to know from the IRC chat #freenet that a testbed can be
> possible. We have several machines here, where I want to install FREENET
> for research purpose and verify their behavior in different conditions as
> simulated. I need to create a live FREENET netwrok, a private one [not
> connected to any other netwrok/internet] and modify them and observe their
> patterns.
> But I have not found any materials and also the source code of FREENET.
> Can you kindly help me here to create a testbed i.e. to get the source
> code of it, the materials for installing as privately, how to make changes
> at different layers of it.
> This will be a very great for me.
> With Regards
> Srikanta Pradhan
> Research Scholar
> Department of Computer Science and Engineering
> Indian Institute of Technology Patna,India. []

Thanks for your interest in this!
It seems you were already pointed to the code on GitHub, so here's something 
about the aspect of simulations:

Luckily, Matthew Toseland aka toad has recently done very much simulation work 
as his dissertation, so you have a scientific paper to get started with!

It is linked in the pull request with his simulator improvements:

It may take a while until this is merged since it's lots of work to review and 
we don't have very many reviewers. Matthew currently doesn't have much time to 
contribute to Freenet as well so:
- Help with spotting bugs would be encouraged :)
- It seems nobody has actually read his paper yet to e.g. find potential 
improvements to Freenet. So if you run into any of those, it would be good to 
start a discussion about them here; or even file a pull request against the 
code itself to fix them.

I've put Matthew CC on so he notices this.

Please keep us up to date, for example post your paper to the development 
mailing list once it is done, and report any security issues you encounter.

And finally: Most of our daily discussion happens on IRC. If you want to 
permanently join development, I would recommend setting up a bouncer in our 
channel and reporting about your progress every once in a while. It may take 
people some hours to answer, but they will do so usually :)


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