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> On 22/01/17 19:01, Steve Dougherty wrote:
>> On 01/22/2017 12:27 PM, Amuza wrote:
>>> Does Freenet have any kind of real asynchronous messaging?
>> Yes, and it depends what you mean.
> I mean, something like this:
> Alice is online and sends a message which has Caroline (her Freenet
> friend) as the recipient, but Caroline is offline. Fortunately Barbara
> (who is a common Freenet friend of both Alice and Caroline) is online.
> Then Alice goes offline. Then Caroline goes online and receives Alice's
> message. Barbara (or other common online Freenet friend) automatically
> forwarded the message without being able to read it.

If you use freemail (email over Freenet), then yes: The data is uploaded
in encrypted form into Freenet and only Caroline can decrypt it. Barbara
does not even need to be a direct friend of the two: It can be any other
freenet node.

This is the generalized case of what you describe and powers most of the
pseudonymous communication in Freenet.

>>> If so, how does it work?
>> Darknet peers can send direct messages by clicking on the peer's name on
>> the friends page. If the peers are not both online and connected the
>> message will be deferred until they are. The user interface for this is
>> very poor but it does function.
>> Otherwise, messaging tools like FLIP, Freemail, or Sone can do that.
>> [1][2][3] They work by inserting and fetching the messages as files.
> I guess some of those three messaging tools do somehow the kind of
> asynchronous messaging I meant. Do they?

Freemail does the private communication.
Sone does Social-network-style communication with pseudonyms.
FLIP implements chat with an IRC interface.

> It does! Great explanations! As soon as I have a while I will try Freenet.
> Let me ask another one, this one is more difficult:
> In the case you, or anyone in this list, know a bit about other
> more-or-less similar decentralized tools like Retroshare, Zeronet, Tox,
> IPFS, etc, could you very briefly compare them to Freenet and easily say
> some advantage or disadvantage of some of those tools over Freenet?

For zeronet there’s an answer by Chris Double. Scroll down to Conclusion
for a comparison:

A note on IPFS and Freenet is available in his article about hosting
websites in Freenet (though mainly focused on hosting with Freenet):

For a comparison of Freenet with several other tools, see

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