OK, let's go through this step by step.
The  installation directory is created (C:\Temp\freenet-install\), and
there's  two  files  inside:  freenet.exe  (56kB)  and  NodeConfig.exe
(66kB). No signs of readme, freenet-ext.jar (but I still have it in my
install   dir   though),   freenet-latest.jar   or   freenet.jar,  and

Now  about  permissions:  I  don't know why, but parent dir (C:\Temp\)
always  have  "read-only"  flag  grayed  out  (showing that some files
inside are read-only, but that's not true - all are writeable...), but
sub-dir  is  ok,  "read-only"  flag is not checked. The other thing is
that  whole  drive  C:  is ntfs-compressed, including C:\Temp\ :) But,
unfortunately,  removing  compression  doesn't change the situation :(
Manually   creating  dir  doesn't  helps  too.  And,  of  course,  I'm
installing it from local drive.

About running Freenet from command line - I'll check it and reply

Thanks, anyway :)

>> I have a strange error during install process: after getting all
>> necessary files from hdd/inet, FreeNet install program shows:
>> Unable to write a file to disk. Check that the disk is not full, or
>> write-protected, and that you have rights to install files. The
>> installer will now exit.
>> And, surely, it aborts setup process and exits :(
>> I  have  almost  2GB  free  on my disk, it's not write-protected (even
>> more,  I  can  see  all  non-zero  necessary  files  in  the temporary
>> folder!),  and  have  all necessary rights (admin under WinXP). What's
>> wrong?!

> Hmm, that's very strange. I haven't seen this reported before. 
> This error comes from the installer .NSI script. The only things which should
> cause it are if the installer can't create the installation directory, or if 
> it
> fails to copy one of the needed files (README, NodeConfig.exe,freenet-ext.jar,
> freenet-latest.jar or freenet.jar, Uninstall.exe) into it.

> Random ideas : check for any weird ACL's / permissions on the install dir, 
> that
> you can manually create the dir and put stuff in it, if you're trying to 
> install
> from an SMB share or suchlike do it from a local disk instead.

> It's possible to kludge around this error (copy all the "temporary" files
> manually to your desired install location, run NodeConfig.exe to generate a
> config, run freenet from the command line) but this is less than convenient 
> and
> you would lose nice windows functionality like the system tray bunny :/

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