for archived Free Help site

>Should not this paragraph say how one gets to it?
>Is there a Help Site that goes deeper into the questions newbies may 
>have about Freenet, and where people can contribute too?
>Yes, an unofficial, more elaborate 
><>Freenet Help Site was created, to go 
>deeper into the questions newbies may have about the usage and 
>inner-workings of Freenet. It's a wiki, thus everybody can 
>contribute too it.
>Hm?  I be that underline (here) is the link that is so difficult to 
>read in the original location.  Wonder if it works in this 
>relocation? (Nope)
>I must admit I have more trouble finding out how to learn about the 
>system now than I did three or four years ago, acknowledging the 
>site is almost all new.
>I learned that running the old system via dial-up from an ISP that 
>reboots at least once a day was quite impractical, but I do continue 
>to read some of the chatter on a regular basis (with a very long 
>blank space in the middle of my reading).
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