damian alexander wrote:
> i still dont understand how to run freenet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i need a more 
> clear&simplified instruction on freenet software to make sure i didnt do 
> something wrong ............... sorry to be annoying , i  just wanna do this 
> this the exact way it should be done .

You are not annoying, everybody had to start some time (even if some don't 
remember that).

You've probably installed the software correctly, but you need to point your 
browser to
http://localhost:8888/darknet/ there you will probably see that you have no 
peers (unless
you've already added some).

The intention of freenet is that you find people who already run freenet and 
connect to
them. If you know somebody who runs freenet ask them to exchange references 
with you. Your
reference is available on that same page (closer to the bottom) and you must 
give your
reference to the persons who you want to connect to (only to those people, 
nobody else)
and get their references.

In the event if you don't know anybody who runs freenet already, you can go to
#freenet-refs IRC chatroom on the FreeNode.

If i was still too techie for you let me know i'll try to help.

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