yes , thats what happened , i tried to connect&was notified "no peers were 
found on the node you selected"" , in this case what do i do ?

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>Subject: Re: [freenet-support] HELP!!!!!
>Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 13:29:35 +0000
>damian alexander wrote:
> > i still dont understand how to run freenet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i need a 
> > clear&simplified instruction on freenet software to make sure i didnt do
> > something wrong ............... sorry to be annoying , i  just wanna do 
> > this the exact way it should be done .
>You are not annoying, everybody had to start some time (even if some don't 
>remember that).
>You've probably installed the software correctly, but you need to point 
>your browser to
>http://localhost:8888/darknet/ there you will probably see that you have no 
>peers (unless
>you've already added some).
>The intention of freenet is that you find people who already run freenet 
>and connect to
>them. If you know somebody who runs freenet ask them to exchange references 
>with you. Your
>reference is available on that same page (closer to the bottom) and you 
>must give your
>reference to the persons who you want to connect to (only to those people, 
>nobody else)
>and get their references.
>In the event if you don't know anybody who runs freenet already, you can go 
>#freenet-refs IRC chatroom on the FreeNode.
>If i was still too techie for you let me know i'll try to help.
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