I've tried to install Freenet three times now.

After "Setting Up Plug-Ins"

The following is displayed:

"Detecting tcp port availability"

"Downloading update.cmd"

"Downloading freenet-ext.jar"

"Downloading freenet-stable-latest.jar"

"Installing the wrapper"

"Registering Freenet as a system service"

wrapper  | Freenet 0.7 darknet-8888-8888-8888-8888 installed.

The Freenet 0.7 darknet-8888 service is starting.......................

The Freenet 0.7 darknet-8888 service could not be started.

A system error has occurred.

System error 1067 has occurred.

The process terminated unexpectedly.

Can anyone give me a solution to the above problem?

Thanks Mike

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