Freenet 0.7 build 1189 is now available. Please upgrade, it will be mandatory 
on Tuesday. Changelog:
- Another new version of the connection setup protocol which hopefully will be 
the last for some time, which should fix the current disconnections problems 
by negotiating whether to reuse the retransmission data and thus avoiding one 
side choosing to reuse it and the other side not reusing it, resulting in a 
- Fix a bug causing us to fail to connect to nodes with DNS addresses (e.g. 
darknet peers on dyndns) in some cases.
- Various other improvements to the connection setup layer, especially error 
- Fix a serious bug in opennet, which was causing us to treat handling a 
packet from an old opennet peer (or which was not identifiable at all) as 
sending a connection offer, resulting in way too few connection offers being 
- Fix some bugs relating to ARKs.
- Refactoring, clarify a string.

Also, XMLSpider and XMLLibrarian (the searching code) have been updated to 
deal better with non-english languages (as long as they have spaces between 
words i.e. not chinese yet), and a minor fix to KeyExplorer.

Thanks to:

Please upgrade, and report any bugs you find on the bug tracker:

With regards to disconnections, please wait until Tuesday, then restart your 
node. If you get any disconnection notices on the web interface after that, 
please report them, it means we still haven't solved the problem.

Thanks for using Freenet! Sorry for all the problems lately, we are working to 
stabilise it...
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