Many, many thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this project. i only 
wish i had skills to help you, sadly i do not. i will certainly contribute as 
and when i can affpord it, but that will have to wait until January with the 
holiday season looming

kindest regards, and grateful thanks


> From: toad at
> To: devl at; support at
> Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2008 14:49:14 +0000
> Subject: [freenet-support] Freenet 0.7 build 1189
> Freenet 0.7 build 1189 is now available. Please upgrade, it will be mandatory 
> on Tuesday. Changelog:
> - Another new version of the connection setup protocol which hopefully will 
> be 
> the last for some time, which should fix the current disconnections problems 
> by negotiating whether to reuse the retransmission data and thus avoiding one 
> side choosing to reuse it and the other side not reusing it, resulting in a 
> disconnection.
> - Fix a bug causing us to fail to connect to nodes with DNS addresses (e.g. 
> darknet peers on dyndns) in some cases.
> - Various other improvements to the connection setup layer, especially error 
> handling.
> - Fix a serious bug in opennet, which was causing us to treat handling a 
> packet from an old opennet peer (or which was not identifiable at all) as 
> sending a connection offer, resulting in way too few connection offers being 
> sent.
> - Fix some bugs relating to ARKs.
> - Refactoring, clarify a string.
> Also, XMLSpider and XMLLibrarian (the searching code) have been updated to 
> deal better with non-english languages (as long as they have spaces between 
> words i.e. not chinese yet), and a minor fix to KeyExplorer.
> Thanks to:
> p0s
> sdiz
> toad
> Please upgrade, and report any bugs you find on the bug tracker:
> With regards to disconnections, please wait until Tuesday, then restart your 
> node. If you get any disconnection notices on the web interface after that, 
> please report them, it means we still haven't solved the problem.
> Thanks for using Freenet! Sorry for all the problems lately, we are working 
> to 
> stabilise it...

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