On Tue, 09 Dec 2008 00:32:07 +0100, Repu Blica <republica at gmx.com>

> Yes this may go against the great Ivory Tower principle of utter
> Tolerance and Free Speech. The Tower may not be as straight and
> pretty anymore but it is still standing. Compare it to the
> alternative that provoked users topple the Tower and crush it to tiny
> pieces. All information must be roughly classified. Classes of
> information likely to be offensive must not be activated by default.

I for one proudly support "the great Ivory Tower principle of utter
Tolerance and Free Speech". It's not my problem that some information
offends you.

Moreover, as Toad already mentioned, there are plenty of places on
freenet that already classify and censor their content. Your suggestion
that "ALL information MUST be roughly classified" is naive and
impossible. It's pretty much the same thing as saying "ALL bad things
MUST be controlled and eliminated". Unfortunately, even if it were
logistically possible, your conception of what is good and bad
obviously will not correlate with your neighbour's--and definitely not
with mine.

All you actually want is more people that think like you to join
freenet (and self-filter yourselves in your own sheltered
community)--and I'm all for that :)--the more the merrier (though I
don't agree with your thinking). And this (web-of-trust) already has
been implemented for newsgroups, and will soon expand to cover a broader
range of content.

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