Freenet 0.7 build 1193 is now available. Please upgrade. Changes:
- Significant changes to the old-opennet-peers mechanism, should make 
reconnecting after downtime much quicker, nodes should get back to where they 
were on the network more quickly even after long downtimes. This will only 
really be testable after Tuesday when 1193 is mandatory. We now keep 25 
old-opennet-peers, which had been useful to us (i.e. weren't dropped from the 
bottom of the LRU by either us or the other peer, just disconnected when the 
node went down etc). We constantly try to reconnect to them for up to a 
- Various other opennet tweaks and bugfixes, some may be significant: we were 
making far too few connection offers on nodes receiving a lot of 
un-decodeable or old-opennet-peer packets, and also fixes to going over the 
20 peers limit.
- Some connectivity fixes, for nodes with multiple IP addresses (e.g. if 
connecting to local/LAN IPs is enabled), and sending packets when we had 
decided not to send packets.
- Public gateway mode: If enabled, users who are allowed to access fproxy but 
don't have full access to the node cannot access the global queue and cannot 
fetch files over 2MB.
- Minor fixes to fproxy.


Meanwhile, sdiz has been doing a lot of work on XMLSpider, which now uses db4o 
to reduce memory usage, although it is not yet able to resume across 
restarts. And p0s has the Freetalk plugin actually loadable and testable, 
with one message successfully posted; see the wot list for more info. Ian and 
esr have done some work on the website.
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