I see this in my "alerts" section:

Build too old
This node's software is older than the oldest version (Build #1192)
allowed by the newest peers we try to connect to. Please update your
node as soon as possible as you will not be able to connect to peers
labeled "TOO NEW" until you do. (Freenet may leave your node in the dust
of the past if you don't upgrade.)

So I tried running the "update.sh" script (I'm running on Linux), but I

debian:Freenet$ ./update.sh
Updating freenet
Created temporary download directory.
Checking sha1test.jar ...
sha1test.jar may be out of date or corrupt, attempting to download a new
versionDownloaded sha1test.jar but its md5sum is bogus.
Using old jar.
Fetching update.sh
An SSL exception has occured:sun.security.validator.ValidatorException:
PKIX path building failed:
sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to
find valid certification path to requested target
Could not download new update.sh.

Any suggestions?


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