On Tuesday 16 December 2008 17:09, Mr Henke wrote:
> i installed your f*** java software on my SiD and it
>   doesnt work. It stole my f*** bookmarks. I want that shit to work
>   properly or get of my F*** machine. Yor wiki for linux is a joke. [...] 

Thanks for that detailed bug report. It nearly got lost by our spam filter 
thanks to all the profanity and some odd properties of your email address.

This is probably a known bug: You install Freenet, it creates a firefox 
profile, firefox somehow gets confused and sets that profile to be the 
default, so it appears that Freenet has broken Firefox, even when Freenet is 
uninstalled. The fix is to run firefox -ProfileManager and choose the correct 

This is actually a very rare bug now, what version of Firefox do you have 
installed? It might be specific to Firefox 1.X, it would help us to 
permanently fix it if you could confirm this.
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