On Friday 26 December 2008 17:50, Dennis Nezic wrote:
> After a day or so, with no problems mentioned in wrapper.log, my wrapper
> will suddenly crash:
> "JVM appears hung: Timed out waiting for signal from JVM."
> "JVM did not exit on request, terminated"
> "JVM received a signal SIGKILL (9)."
> "Reloading Wrapper configuration..."
> It's not a new problem.
> Does this happen to anyone else?
> Here is a 24h graph of the free memory on my computer, during my latest
> jvm crash. I have other things running, but most of the activity is
> probably due to freenet. The crash occurred around 7am, and you can see
> how just over 100M is freed up... though, this is barely half of what I
> alot to it (220M). So I don't think it's an out-of-memory problem.
> http://dennisn.dyndns.org/guest/pubstuff/freenetcrashes-freememory.png
> But what else could crash the jvm? Maybe it's a bug in the wrapper?
> System CPU activity is acceptably low and normal (~25% average
> usage)--I can't imagine how it could hang the jvm for a few minutes.

You can verify whether it is in fact a memory problem by adding to your 
wrapper.log :


Then tail -f freenet.loggc : when it crashes, do you see lots of Full GC's, 
very frequently (approx every second)?
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