Sure did. Works as I reckoned, but it then also means that the 'safe peers'
part of it is slightly impaired, as you HAVE to do node-ref exchanges to the
'inside', with people you've probably only talked briefly with, to get the
full Freenet working. And I guess the 'auto-update' feature only works
through there.

2008/6/8 freenetwork at <freenetwork at>:

> If these ten nodes are only interconnected with themselves they -of
> course- have no access to the larger network and therefore form a small
> private, albeit darknet, network.
> If one of the nodes is connected to the "global" darknet, then the ten
> nodes have access to the global darknet but routing might be impaired as
> the other nine nodes will not connect to the darknet.
> Opennet is a completely different story as nodes are seeded by seednodes
> (therefore private networks are possible if the nodes don't access the
> seednodes, but by default opennet nodes ask seednodes).
> Also opennet nodes do swap informations about their peers, so nodes
> without knowledge of other nodes might come across new noderefs and
> connect to previously unknown nodes to enhance connectivity.
> Hope this helped
> Peter S wrote:
> > Just a simple question; 10 peers, none using opennet, and all
> > interconnected with each node having the other 9 in their trusted
> > peers list .. will they be able to access the 'actual freenet', or is
> > this just a small private and closed circle, with only the content
> > they publish inside that circle available?
> > If 10 peers in a closed loop as described /can/ access the freenet, I
> > just don't understand HOW that's possible without talking to other
> > nodes in an opennet fashion and somewhat compromising the closed loop.
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