Freenet 0.7 build 1178 is now available. Please upgrade. Sorry I accidentally 
released 1176, then had some bugfixes in 1177 and 1178. Anyway, the main 
changes relative to 1175:
- Try to prevent both sides of a connection attempting to rekey at the same 
time, by having the receiver start 2.5 minutes early. This seems to have been 
the root cause of many of the recent problems. It may not be completely 
fixed, but should happen much less often.
- When we disconnect from a peer because of it not acknowledging our packets, 
tell the user via a useralert as well as logging an error.
- Get rid of WouldBlockException errors as well: If we cannot send a packet to 
a peer because there are too many packets in flight and none are being 
acknowledged, don't busy-loop and spam the logs, wait for it to become 
un-blocked again. If it doesn't become un-blocked in 10 minutes, log an error 
and tell the user via a useralert.
- Change the default log rotation period to 10 minutes rather than 1 hour to 
save disk space.
- Clarify the config option for packet padding: Turning off packet padding is 
BAD. Packet padding is essential against a passive attacker.

In the next few days you may see the "Probably a bug" errors on the web 
interface. Hopefully once this build is mandatory (on Monday) these will go 
away. If you still see these from Tuesday onwards, let us know.

Please update, and let us know how it works out. Hopefully this build will fix 
most of the recent network problems, oversized log files and high CPU usage 
when not doing anything. If you find any bugs, please report them on the bug 
tracker: . Thanks.
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