Freenet 0.7 build 1203 is now available. Please upgrade.

The main change in 1203 is that history cloaking is removed. It is very messy 
code-wise and does not really solve the problem - for example, if a user 
posted the key for something they had inserted, and forgot to remove 
the ?secureid= added by history cloaking, a malicious website could then 
probe for that key with the secureid.

The real solution to browser history stealing is simply to use a separate 
browser for Freenet than the one you use for the wider web. We now warn users 
about this at the beginning of the first time wizard. There are also some 
German translation updates by an anonymous contributor, and some work on the 
README and the website. 

Apart from the above, Zero3 has started to commit his new windows installer. 
saces has continued to work on his wxFCP project, which hopefully will result 
in a custom browser for Freenet, which we may or may not use when it is 
finished, and robert has committed a spec file for generating RPMs for 

1202 was related to history cloaking (making it configurable), and 1201 fixed 
a bug causing the activelinks enabled setting not to be read on startup.

If you find any bugs, please report them on the bug tracker:

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