On Wed, 21 Jan 2009 17:28:47 +0000, Matthew Toseland wrote:
> Give it more memory. If you can't give it more memory, throw the box
> out the window and buy a new one. If you can't do that wait for the
> db4o branch.

Or, more likely, throw freenet out the window :|.

> Seriously, EVERY time I have investigated these sorts of issues the
> answer has been either that it is showing constant Full GC's because
> it has slightly too little memory, or that there is external CPU
> load. Are you absolutely completely totally
> 100000000000000000000000000% sure that that is not the problem?
> AFAICS there are two posters here, and just because one of them is
> sure that the problem isn't memory doesn't necessarily mean that the
> other one's problems are not due to memory??

My node crashed/restarted again due to MessageCore/PacketSender
freezing for 3 minutes. The problem appears to be with cpu usage, since
my memory usage is basically plateauing when the crash occurs, though I
suppose the two factors may not be necessarily entirely unrelated. My
cpu load (ie. as reported by uptime) would sometimes rise pretty
dramatically, with a 15-min load number hovering between 3 and 4, which
brings my system to a crawl, and I guess this eventually "freezes" some
threads in freenet, and then triggers the shutdown.

In other words, it's still pretty unusable for my "obsolete" 1GHz with
200MB ram.

I would really, seriously, encourage testing, if not actual
development, on older hardware (or through some kind of emulation
layer). It really should be capable of running on a 486!--even if the
performance might not be as great, it should at least be functional and
stable!--ie. able to throttle it's cpu/memory usage accordingly. :|.

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