At 10:18 16-04-18, Jon Honeyball wrote:
>On 14 Apr 2018, at 16:42, David Pickett
><<>> wrote:
>Incidentally, one of the drawbacks of multichannel wavfiles for HOA is
>their large size for any reasonable length of musical composition. At
>48kHz, a 9-channel 2nd order file takes c. 74MB for 1 minute of music.
>Alternatively, 1GB lasts about 13.5 minutes in 2nd order or about 30.4
>mins in 1st order
>It doesn’t help when some equipment fails to play back more than one
>file in sequence. The latest deeply cute Sound Devices will only play
>one file, and not continue on to the  next one. So your playback time
>is limited to some 15 minutes (at best resolution) and it only records polywav.
>Talk about gun/foot/shoot…
>(confirmed with SSD tech support staff at NAB last week in vegas)

Indeed. The latest Oppo box has the same problem. But perhaps people only listen to 4 minute singles these days.

I quite understand that the demands made by one file per track recordings on writing to storage in real time are currently too great to handle, whereas boxes like the Alesis HD24 and RME UFX will store between 24 and 60 hi res tracks using multitrack files and proprietary storage formats; but on the other hand, why not either write soft/firm-ware that will link these together, or separate them into single files, for playback?


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