> And just how am I to measure out ~5 centistokes?  What are 
> anyway, a bug disease? 
Hey no need to be rude, man! You asked the question, here are the 
Kinematic viscosity is measured in "Stokes". You can not measure it 
at home without a viscosimetre. There is a comparative way, though.
Take a liquid with a known viscosity value (dino heating oil, look 
the value up in a engineering manual) and let a known volume flow 
through an upsidedown plastic water bottle with a drinking straw 
glued in a hole in the screw top. Stop the time with a stopwatch. Do 
the same with your biodiesel (same volume) and compare the results. 
Generally a smaller diameter straw will produce more accurate 
results. If the time of your sample is 1.5 the time of your control 
sample (dino) this means its viscosity is roughly 1.6ish that of the 
control sample.

Cheers, Aleks

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