Just to give you a sense of one of things I'm working on, an article I co-authored with a professor at King's College was published in the November edition of World Pipelines magazine.

As this is a subscription-only magazine, I have also put the finished article on the web.

If you are interested, you can read it (6 pages) at:


Some related material at same website starting at:


(As the magazine supplied the file as a secured PDF, it's difficult to extract the text to reproduce it here, and I think the images are worth viewing.)

If you have access to the magazine, it starts on page 78 of the November 2016 issue.

[Disclosure: I am a co-author of the article noted in this e-mail, and a principal in the company - Remote Energy Security Technologies Collaborative (RESTCo) - hosting the URLs noted in this e-mail. RESTCo is a consulting science and engineering research firm, and does not sell any of the products referenced in the article. RESTCo is currently engaged in work setting international standards for oil spill detection, monitoring and response in arctic conditions.]
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