Is there any way to generate the swagger document directly from Java source 
There must be some classes in swagger source code that is responsible for 
scanning/parsing all the swagger resource (i.e java classes annotated with 
swagger specific annotation) to generate the swagger document. Could 
anybody help me to find out those classes and the required methods in 
swagger source code?
If possible at-least let me know how swagger works internally or any 
supporting documents/tutorial meant for same will be highly appreciated.

We have many project where we want to integrate swagger with grails(version 
> 3)..
Although grails is based on spring, the resource URL is mapped differently 
in grails than in Spring.
In Spring, end URL can be exposed using @RequestMapping annotation and 
servlet mapping, while the end URL in grails is not exposed directly in 
similar fashion.
I also do not want to make any changes at servlet label. I also tried some 
grails plugin but they are not up-to date, too buggy and covers only 
specific use cases. 
So I am planning to write my own plugin meant for swagger integration with 
grails. But at the same time I also want to ensure that it should be based 
on latest swagger version and not the old one.

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