New commits:
commit 7e31040b84944e003ce4c174cadce6210bbf3deb
Merge: cec8b90 84c9645
Author: Andrew Cagney <>
Date:   Fri Feb 9 11:18:05 2018 -0500

    ikev2: restrict sending an unencrypted notification from MD to INIT|AUTH
    Merge commit '84c96450fe9f63bade851face0913d3065a017e2'

commit 84c96450fe9f63bade851face0913d3065a017e2
Author: Andrew Cagney <>
Date:   Fri Feb 9 10:45:53 2018 -0500

    testing: update ikev2-45-impair-gx-01 to expect latest unencrypted 
notification log line

commit 41af1d3397b788f0a5d973bba9a731c900dd5ea6
Author: Andrew Cagney <>
Date:   Tue Feb 6 16:08:45 2018 -0500

    ikev2: use the (sanity checked) MD's message ID and exchange-type when 
sending a notification
    Refuse to send for anything other than message ID 1|1 and exchange-
    type INIT|AUTH - only time an unencrypted packet should be sent.

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