New commits:
commit 3938bdb193ea2bf329fba05ca762add9fef4cdc3
Author: Paul Wouters <>
Date:   Mon Feb 19 15:47:05 2018 -0500

    documentation: update installed ipsec.conf
    - minor cleanup
    - add pointer for use with crypto-policies package
    - commented item for /etc/crypto-policies/back-ends/libreswan.config
      (which distro's can enable using a simple sed line, eg on fedora)
    - If the file does not exist, log the file not found error as an
      ignorable event

commit 44be024470e99cab31e8f71f6e91140382f14f14
Author: Paul Wouters <>
Date:   Mon Feb 19 18:09:15 2018 -0500

    pluto: increase buffer of prettypolicy() on advise of gcc7

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