Thanks for instant response. That page refers to old versions of 3 things.
"The workaround #1 is very specific to Wheezy (libc < 2.19 and kernel <
3.12). Later distributions fixed issues #1 and #2. #3 is because libunbound
is too old."

The Ubuntu 16.04 box in question has:

  libc = 2.23-0ubuntu10 
  kernel = 4.4.0-93-generic
  libunbound2 = 1.5.8-1ubuntu1.1 

All of these are new enough, according to that page, to not be a problem.

At the bottom of that page there's an apparently unrelated section about
"Kernel 4.16 got a fix that could cause error". Make all does throw some
nonfatal errors before what I quoted before. The first does look related to

In file included from 
/usr/include/netinet/in.h:101:5: error: expected identifier before numeric 
     IPPROTO_HOPOPTS = 0,   /* IPv6 Hop-by-Hop options.  */

Is it the patch for that bug, in the linked email, that's pertinent here?
The emails say that patch is already applied though. Was there a regression
in libreswan 3.25? 

Sorry if I'm being dense. But I'm not sure what that page is suggesting I
need to do. Following the Executive Summary with its
creating, then "make deb," is not it, and fails in same way I reported

dpkg-source: warning: unknown information field 'Rules-Requires-Root' in input 
data in general section of control info file
dpkg-source: error: cannot read 
 No such file or directory
dpkg-buildpackage: error: dpkg-source -i --before-build libreswan-3.25 gave 
error exit status 2
debuild: fatal error at line 1376:
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -D -us -uc -i -b failed
Makefile:608: recipe for target 'deb' failed
make: *** [deb] Error 29


On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 05:52:22PM -0400, Paul Wouters wrote:
> See
> And use “make deb”
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