>I have the Vic-20 Drash emulator image file, I can send it to the list if
>want, its quite small.  Works on emulators too (like Pfau-Zeh).  I didn't
>it seemed like such a bad game, for a Vic20 game...

I actually liked it somewhat too, though I've played the PC-conversion
but there probably isn't too significant differences.
(¨Though I also haven't really played these early dungeon-games
too much so I could do much comparison to similar ones.)

An acquaintance just told he finished it (while in work) in 15+ minutes :).
I asked and there's no fancy ending (well I didn't expect there to be);
only some title given for the player.

Looking forward to play "the original" when you get to send it.

BTW does anyone have Ultima I: The Original as an image to share?
I have the original game so there would be no moral
dilemma in having the ROM ;) but I don't have an Atari.
BTW2 I'd like to buy/trade the box for this one since I'm missing it.

- Jukka

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