As someone who has a 4.5-yr-old and a 7-yr-old, who play both modern and classic games (at my insistcnce), I too LOL'd at some of the comments. But the whole thing was a bit depressing, too: The kids in the article weren't aware that you can still challenge yourself and have fun with older games. Some of the games my kids like to play:

- Luigi's Mansion (a truly horrible game in terms of gameplay)
- Super Mario Sunshine
- Super Smash Brothers Melee
- Sonic Heroes
- Sonic Adventure (both)

..etc. In other words, typical Nintendo and Sega licensee crap (although I like the Sonic games). However, they *also* enjoy the following:

- Pac Man (emulated)
- Sonic The Hedgehog (original Genesis, 1990, on a real Genesis)
- Marble Madness (emulated)
- Rampage (we have emulated, gameboy, lynx versions :-)
- Donkey Kong (Colecovision port, on a real Colecovision)
- Super Mario Bros. (NES emulated)
- Boxing (Activision, Atari 2600, on a real 2600)

They are *much worse* at the classic games in terms of skill, but they still *enjoy playing them*. And to hear them laugh when they play Boxing against each other is to die for. THAT is having fun. That is what games are all about.

(Along those lines, I have no problem cheating in games if they are starting to frustrate me. I tried to get past the final boss in Luigi's Mansion for 3 solid hours before I just went and got an Action Reply to get past the thing. Games aren't fun if they're unfair.)

Dan Chisarick wrote:

Well, this answers a lot of questions about the current state of video games... I LOL at a couple of the comments, most of them from "Donkey Kong".

On May 31, 2004, at 3:20 PM, C.E. Forman wrote:

I saw this too. Hilarious! I loved the fact that they were
over-thinking, over-analyzing everything, believing the different
colors on the blocks in Tetris meant something, wondering if you can
do stuff with the umbrella and purse in DK, rapid-fire in Space
Invaders, etc.
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