Lee K. Seitz wrote:

I see the archives are now available directly at the list's web
interface.  Will you be moving the old archives to this site, or do we
just start over?

I will try very hard to move the older archives over. We have had 3+ years of some very neat conversations, so I have a high motivation to do this.

I didn't get the spam sent to the list.  At first I wondered why, but
now I see my ISP's Brightmail filter caught them before any of my own
filters even saw them.  It also caught Stefan's reply because he
quoted the whole message.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  I'm
glad they caught it, but now worried they might start catching things
I don't want them to.

Well, you won't be getting any more spam from this list, so maybe that's a mitigating factor?

I made one more change, BTW: Postings are limited to 1MB. I am on a modem at work (don't ask) so I figured 1M was the largest size I could comfortably download. If anyone has arguments to increase or decrease this number, let me know.
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