Since you spotted a problem using QEMU, I did a rebuild on a real Pi
2. I think the segfaults during the build went away.

However, I still get the install error about
CMake Error at scripts/cmake_install.cmake:36 (file):
  file INSTALL cannot find
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  cmake_install.cmake:42 (include)

Removing the --install-lldb flag allows me to skip past this for now.

But when I actually try to use swiftc to compile a test program, I get
an error about swift-autolink-extract:

swiftc -v main.swift
Swift version 3.0-dev (LLVM 1defb1946c, Clang ef0a699416, Swift 870b785219)
Target: armv7--linux-gnueabihf
/home/pi/swift/usr/bin/swift -frontend -c -primary-file main.swift
-target armv7--linux-gnueabihf -disable-objc-interop
-color-diagnostics -module-name main -o /tmp/main-ea93b4.o
swift-autolink-extract /tmp/main-ea93b4.o -o /tmp/main-1ae7d8.autolink
<unknown>:0: error: swift-autolink-extract command failed with exit
code 127 (use -v to see invocation)

Any ideas?
I just spotted the repo
which I presume has  additional patches you've made. I'm about to try
this (another 12 hour cycle) hoping it helps.

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