On 9/21/16, William Dillon <will...@housedillon.com> wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> I'm glad you're making progress.
> I've seen the swift-autolink-extract issue before.  For some reason that
> symlink to swift isn't being made for you.  You can try making a new symlink
> to `swift` and see if that gets you forward.

Thank you. The symlink trick fixed that problem. I can now compile
multiple programs and it works.

Unfortunately, a slightly less trivial program I tried segfaults at
runtime. This program works under Xcode 8 and the official Ubuntu 15
Linux build. I'm hoping that arm branch and patches will clear this

> I'd recommend using the github swift-arm repos, specifically the
> swift-3.0-branch branch.  Checkout by cloning the swift repo, then use
> ./swift/utils/update-checkout --clone --branch swift-3.0-branch.  That's
> what I'm using currently.
> Hope that helps!
> - Will

So I was just going to follow the instructions documented here:
I think it already clones your repos and uses the swift-3.0-branch.
If I use the command you suggest:
./swift/utils/update-checkout --clone --branch swift-3.0-branch
It will try to make all the other repos switch to a branch called
swift-3.0-branch which doesn't exist.

Do you recommend I not follow that guide?

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