>> I’ve addressed both of these issues above. The approach I am proposing 
>> requires no language or compiler support, works with existing Swift tooling, 
>> fits with an existing notion in the language (AnyObject), and can be 
>> implemented via a Python script.
> I’m very confused, are you suggesting a preprocessor, or something actually 
> integrated with the compiler?  The goal here is to provide something with 
> acceptable usability that encourages exploration and playing around.

I can’t answer the question (although I have a theory ;-), but imho 
"exploration and playing around“ benefits quite a lot from proper code 
So whatever solution is chosen, it probably will require library specific 
glue-code for the best user experience (assuming that we actually need a 
solution — I personally have no need for Python interop, and I don’t know how 
big general interest is).

The two proposals might help writing that glue code, but I’m not sure they are 
that important when a generator is used to create the bindings.
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