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>> On Dec 7, 2017, at 12:37 AM, Letanyan Arumugam <letanya...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> My main objection to the critical responses is that most of the objections 
>>> are fundamentally cultural, not technical, and are fear-based, not 
>>> evidence-based.
>> The goal of this proposal is to bring people from a culture where excessive 
>> use of this would be the norm for them. Why would it be so hard to imagine 
>> that people would adopt bad principles, knowing or unknowing, because this 
>> is what they’ve always done?
> Languages bring in new developers who misapply their experience all the time. 
> Look at the early days of Ruby when it was actively working to pull new 
> developers away from Java, developers who were in the habit of using names 
> like AbstractItemManagerFactoryImpl. Look at beginner Swift code posted in 
> Stack Overflow questions, littered with careless force unwraps that are 
> clearly there because that’s the fixit and sort of smells like C or Java, not 
> because they actually thought about what they were doing.

Great post Paul.  Similarly, look at the early days of Swift, where many ObjC 
programmers used IOUs for everything.

Bad code gets written all the time, this is unavoidable.  This feature will not 
affect or measurably change that.


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